Traditional Japanese Reiki Cairns

For traditional Japanese reiki courses and receiving reiki treatments in Cairns please contact Julie Heskins, Reiki Master and Teacher of Usui Reiki Ryoho. You will receive comprehensive training and professional reiki treatments with a qualified Reiki and Meditation Teacher.

Reiki is a wonderful technique which is beautiful to experience and easy to learn. Reiki has definitely changed my life and, as I watch my clients and students relax and develop after experiencing and learning Reiki, it leaves me with a sense of awe and inspiration.

Julie Heskins, Reiki Master and Teacher

Julie teaches all three levels of traditional Japanese Reiki — Reiki 1 Shoden, Reiki 2 Okuden, Reiki 3 Shinpiden (Teacher) — in Cairns as well in Kuranda, Atherton Tablelands and Mission Beach. Julie also runs regular reiki refresher courses for students who’ve learned through other lineages or want to reconnect to their practice.

Mindfulness Meditation

Learn mindfulness meditation with Julie, or join a group class at Julie’s home reiki studio in Cairns. Julie teaches you correct sitting and breathing techniques, and guides you through simple meditations that you can practice at home. Even better take time out for a meditation retreat day.

Yoga Classes

Julie is a qualified yoga teacher and delivers weekly brings yoga into the Retreat Days which are run at Rainforest Reiki and in the Tablelands. You can also book private yoga classes which are customised to your personal interests and experience. Choose from yin or yang styles and you can include myofascial release sequences — which can be tailor made to work on different parts of your body.

Transformation and Healing

Experience transformation and energy healing with JourneyWork, based on Brandon Bays book “The Journey”. Julie is a qualified Journey Practitioner and sessions are available by appointment.

Rainforest Reiki

Julie practices reiki, meditation, and yoga every day from her stunning home in the rainforest on the south side of Cairns. Julie’s home reiki studio is affectionately known as ‘Rainforest Reiki’ and the perfect place to receive a relaxing reiki treatment or take a meditation class.

Julie also offers overnight stays and reiki holidays where guests can relax in a hammock from the garden deck, learn reiki, or just enjoy the peaceful energy of the rainforest.

Whether you live in Cairns (or just passing through), allow yourself to come and experience Japanese reiki with Julie at Rainforest Reiki today, and start “allowing your own inner light to shine”.

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