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Practice meditation, Reiki and yoga with your friends

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Do you want to learn meditation and begin a practice with your friends? Julie offers meditation classes to private groups of friends, family members, sports teams and small workgroups.

Together with your friends you can learn how to:

  • Sit in a comfortable position with good posture.
  • Meditate using simple Japanese techniques.
  • Create a meditation space in your home.
  • Build a regular meditation practice.
  • Develop mindfulness and self-awareness.

You may also wish to learn to perform simple Reiki healing treatments on yourself and other members of the group. Just ask Julie at the time of booking for more details.

Birthdays and special events

More and more people are saying goodbye to boozy birthday parties and choosing instead an afternoon (or a weekend) of meditation, Reiki and yoga.

Why not celebrate your upcoming special occasion by de-stressing and connecting on a deeper level with your friends.

Julie has been hosting retreats and private group sessions for more than a decade. You’ll find her a gracious and thoughtful host who knows how to get the most from your group dynamics.

Raw Food Menu

Make your group event even more special by having Julie cater a delicious range of raw food treats. You can choose main meals, snacks and desserts.

Cost of classes

Private meditation classes are priced as follows:

  • AUD$75 1 hour class.
  • AUD$100 1.5 hours.
  • AUD$125 per person for a Private Retreat Day (minimum 6 people)

For special events and private retreats please contact Julie to request pricing.

Group Meditation

Julie runs group meditation classes at her Rainforest Reiki Clinic in Bayview Heights, and the Cairns Spiritual Centre. Check for the latest dates and times.

Gentle Yoga

Learn yoga in a private with Julie. Gentle yoga is wonderful if you are worried you are not strong or flexible enough. Julie will teach you at your own pace in a safe, non-competitive environment.


Take your Reiki and meditation practice to the level with Julie’s professional mentoring service. This is a special opportunity to work on-on-one with an experienced Reiki Master and Spiritual coach.


Leave your routines, duty lists, and job descriptions behind for a little while and immerse youself in a rainforest retreat. Julie regularly hosts meditation retreat days and extended overnight retreats.

Corporate Meditation

Deliver a meditation program to your staff in their at workplace to improve productivity and workplace cohesion. Or how about an offsite retreat for relaxation and de-stressing.

More Information

For pricing and organising your private group booking, phone Julie Heskins on direct on 0438 537365, or email