Reiki Treatments

Japanese Reiki

Book a relaxing Reiki treatment at Rainforest Reiki in Cairns to support your health and wellbeing. Reiki treatments are facilitated by Julie Heskins, a qualified Reiki Master and experienced practitioner.

Benefits include:

Reiki treatments help to improve your body’s physical and emotional balance and other benefits include: 

  • Peace of mind and overall wellbeing
  • Stress and muscular relief 
  • Enhanced personal awareness and intuition
  • Faster recovery after injuries or surgery
  • Stimulated creativity
  • Strengthened immunity
  • Pain relief and detoxification
  • Increased vitality

What happens in a reiki treatment?

When you arrive at the Rainforest Reiki studio, Julie will sit down with you before your treatment to briefly discuss your personal needs and medical history. This will help set the treatment intention and allow you to receive the energy and healing that you need.

Reiki treatments are facilitated whilst you are lying down on a treatment table — about the same height as a massage table.  Depending on your unique situation or requirements treatments can be facilitated whilst sitting.

Julie will be in standing beside or above you in an advanced state of meditation, and at times will rest her hands close (or on) your body.  Private areas are, of course never touched.   Reiki treatments are based on energy, so all you need to do is relax, quieten your mind and allow your body to receive the healing it needs. 

Book your reiki treatment?

Book your reiki treatments Cairns with Julie today by phone (0438 537365) or email (

From 14 May to 7 August 2024 Lara will be facilitating reiki treatments at Rainforest Reiki.  Book by phone 0457 996377 or email:

Prices start at AUD$70 for a 45 minute session, and Julie can also arrange transport to-and-from the city for an additional AUD$25.

Reiki Treatments Cairns

45 Minute Treatment

After an initial consultation with Julie you will receive a relaxing 45 minute reiki treatment. Perfect for your lunch hour or for anyone with a busy schedule. 

Cost: AUD$70 (1 treatment)
AUD$190 (3 treatments)

1 Hour Treatment

Julie’s most popular reiki treatment is the one hour session — allowing a little extra time for heightened well being and balance. After an initial consultation you will receive a full hour’s treatment.

Cost: AUD$85 (1 treatment)
AUD$230 (3 treatments)

1.5 Hour Treatment

Feeling very stressed, tired and emotional? The 1.5 hour treatment allows enough time to enter a deep state of relaxation and wellbeing. After an initial consultation you will receive a full 1.5 hours treatment.

Cost: AUD$130 (1 session)
AUD$360 (3 sessions)

Learn Meditation + Reiki Treatment (1.5 hours)

Learn to meditate using ancient Japanese methods (that are very easy to learn, then receive a 50 minute Reiki treatment.

Cost: AUD$130 (1 session)
AUD$360 (3 sessions)
Julie offers pick up/return transport from the city.
Cost:  A$25

30 Minute Kid’s Treatment

Children also suffer from stress and can be very sensitive emotionally. Reiki is an excellent way to help your child relax and has been known to assist with behaviour problems, sleeping difficulties, and anxiety.

Cost: AUD$55

Distant Reiki Treatments

Distant Reiki is a reiki treatment where you don’t need to be physically present to receive the healing. It works on people as well as animals, and the  sessions are done while Julie is in meditation. If you are living in another city or feel too sick to travel, distant reiki treatments can be the ideal solution. 

Cost: AUD$50 (30 mins)

Pet Reiki Treatments

Reiki treatments can be very beneficial for all pets and animals. These treatments are done while Julie is in meditation by first setting an intent that the animal receive whatever they need at this moment in time. Animals are very sensitive to energy and reiki can support them on their healing journey.

Cost: AUD$50 (30 mins)

Reiki & Meditation Gift Vouchers

Why not introduce your friends and family to the health benefits of reiki and meditation with a gift voucher? Gift vouchers can be customised for the occasion.