Raw Vegan Foods

Are you curious about introducing raw vegan foods into your diet? Raw foods retain more of their natural enzymes and vitamins than cooked foods, are fun to make, and can help increase your energy levels and overall vitality. Even better, they taste amazing!

Raw vegan foods are perfect for meditation and reiki practitioners and Julie now includes a selection of raw vegan foods in her Reiki courses and overnight retreats — as well as self-care retreat days.

Why not take a private class with Julie and learn to make them yourself?

Private Classes

Julie offers one-on-one and private raw food classes for up to four (4) participants. You can learn to make delicious raw vegan smoothies, snacks, main meals and desserts. The recipes are easy to make, wonderfully healthy, and focus on local ingredients and fresh produce.

Raw vegan food classes are conducted at Julie’s rainforest reiki studio in Cairns.

For more details, email julierainforestreiki@gmail.com or phone 0438 537365. Alternatively, check the Retreat Day page for upcoming group Reiki and Raw Food Retreat Days.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Raw Foods

Do the raw foods contain meat or dairy?

No. All the raw food recipes, as well as the meals presented at courses and retreats, are 100% vegan.

What are some of the benefits of eating raw vegan foods?

The personal benefits I have experienced since following a raw vegan diet include:

  • Feeling lighter and more energised after meals.
  • No indigestion or embarrassing fluffs!
  • No bloating
  • Sleeping better
  • No more hot flushes 
  • Trust that what I’m eating is healthy and clean- nothing processed.

Does Julie follow a strict raw-food diet?

No. I eat a plant-based diet that includes a range of raw food meals and snacks in my weekly meal-plan. This is a personal choice that supports my reiki, meditation, and yoga practices.

If you would like to learn more about my journey with raw vegan foods, read my blog Reiki and Raw Food Go Together like a Bird and A Feather!

Should everyone follow a raw vegan diet?

Reiki is about balancing the mind and body and people can get caught up with labels. Food can be another attachment. I’m careful to avoid that and accept that we all enjoy different types of food and some people need meat and 3 x veg.  That’s fine.

This year I visited the UK in winter.  Hot food tastes so good there so I mixed a raw diet with hot soups and other warm dishes.  Finding the balance between firm and flexible with everything in our lives is essential.  So depending on where we are, and who we are with — we can pick and choose.

For those with allergies or strict health diets, it’s very different.  They have to be careful.  If you have concerns, talk with your doctor or naturopath. Some athletes have made incredible progress and swear by being vegan.  It’s a personal choice.