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If you’ve ever done a reiki course and let your practice fall away due to life challenges or self-doubt, Julie is now offering a reiki mentoring service to support you along your spiritual journey.

This short blog outlines some of the possibilities for your mentoring sessions and may help you identify areas in your practice that need attention.

Julie has dedicated her life to the practice of reiki and mindfulness meditation. With Julie as your mentor you will have someone who genuinely cares about you and is on hand to provide the insight and wisdom you need to grow your practice.

1. New Students

Many new students finish their Reiki 1 Shoden course with enthusiasm, but struggle to introduce the meditations, teachings, and practices into their daily life. This is where a reiki mentor can really help as they can practice alongside you each week (or so) and act as an accountability partner until your reiki practice is established.

New students generally have a lot of questions about the things they’ve just learned. Your reiki mentor can help you:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the reiki precepts.
  • Refine your technique for palm healing and hand placements.
  • Make adjustments to your posture and preparation before meditating.

2. Lapsed Practitioners

Reiki mentoring is also great for practitioners who have let their practice lapse and are looking for a way back. Sometimes this is due to an emotional block or life challenge and the wisdom guidance of a mentor like Julie can help you move forward with your practice.

reiki mentoring service with julie heskins in cairns

3. Reiki Graduates Turning Pro

Another group who greatly benefit from reiki mentoring are graduates of Reiki 2 Okuden or Reiki 3 Shinpiden, who are starting to provide professional reiki treatments and classes. Julie can help refine your technique, provide advice about reiki business best practices, and encourage you to keep up your personal practice outside of work.

Working with Julie

Reiki mentoring sessions with Julie are usually held at the Rainforest Reiki Studio in South Cairns, but they can also be conducted online. Contact Julie on or 0438 537365 to get started.

online reiki mentoring with julie heskins

Reiki mentoring can be easily built into your schedule with online sessions.

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