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Options for Sitting

How we sit in meditation makes a huge difference to the outcome of your practice. It’s important to be comfortable, relaxed and alert.


1.  Choose to sit on a chair with a cushion behind your back and feet firmly on the floor (they can be on a cushion if your legs are too short to reach the ground).  Your feet should be comfortably apart and please don’t cross them.

correct posture for sucessful meditation
Keep your back straight and feet flat on the floor.

2.   A cushion or bolster on top of a yoga mat is suitable if your knees are lower than your hips and you can be comfortable for 15 + mins.  Cushions can also be used under the knees to support them on both sides. Choose another option if you get uncomfortable.

using a bolster will help you maintin the correct posture for successful meditation
A bolster will help you maintain the correct posture for successful meditation.

3.  Meditation stools. For me these are excellent. You use one on a yoga mat with knees apart and big toes touching (Seiza position). Available for purchase from Rainforest Reiki.

using a meditation stool to maintain correct posture
Meditation stools are very comfortable.
Lying down. If you are unwell or suffer from back problems this is a good option for some of the meditations. Lie on a yoga mat. Pillow under your knees and one under your head if that’s more comfortable.  Use a blanket if cold.
Julie Heskins demonstrates a lying meditation pose.
There are options for meditation if you have back problems.

Hand Positions

Left palm resting over right palm with thumbs GENTLY touching. This is a popular position as it guides you as to how tense you are during meditation. If the thumbs are tense they will be pushing hard against each other.  This is usually an indication that your mind is excited and busy. If they drop it will be a sign that you have lost concentration and become dull. You can remedy this as soon as you become aware during meditation
hand positions during meditation
Palms up on the thighs.
palm positions during meditation
Palms face down on the thighs.
alternate palm positions during meditation
Experiment with a different positions during meditations and see what’s most comfortable for you.
If lying down your palms should be a few feet away from the thighs with palms up.
Happy meditating everyone.

Learn to meditate

Julie runs meditation classes in Cairns each week, as well as key locations around Mission Beach and Atherton Tablelands. You can also book one-to-one or specialised group sessions.

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