Yoga Classes Cairns

Gentle yoga, meditation and reiki

To live a healthy life we need to look after the whole being, and yoga, meditation and reiki are the perfect combination to help you to stay, centred, balanced and calm.

Julie teaches gentle yoga combined with Japanese reiki meditations — so you will be gently stretching your body, activating blood and energy flow, and then finishing your practice with a relaxing meditation.

Julie’s private yoga classes are perfect if you are:

  • New to yoga.
  • Wanting to start a regular yoga and meditation practice in a safe, non-competitive environment.
  • Worried you aren’t flexible or strong enough.
  • Coming back from an injury or illness.
  • On holidays and want to maintain your practice.

Yoga can look very complicated if you have never practiced before, but Julie takes the time to walk you through the poses based on your skill, flexibility, and level of yoga experience.

Julie’s yoga journey

After attending the Yoga Teacher Training course (200 hours) with Denise Payne, One Song Yoga in Bali (2017), Julie realised the benefits of having a daily yoga practice.  Since then Julie has worked diligently with the techniques she learned — building confidence and flexibility as well as strengthening her body.

Now she’s helping you develop your own yoga and meditation practice by offering private classes in Cairns.

Private Yoga Classes

If you don’t feel ready for a group yoga class, Julie teaches private classes based on your ability, yoga experience, and personal interests. After an initial consultation to discuss what you want to achieve, Julie creates a sequence that will support you in developing a home yoga practice.

For bookings please contact Julie by phone 0438 537365 or email