Julie Heskins has been delivering personalised reiki treatments and teaching Usui Reiki Ryoho courses in Cairns since 2010. Read some of the testimonials from her beloved clients and students.

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Rainforest Reiki
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by Angel on Rainforest Reiki
Re-energize and Heal with Julie at Rainforest Reiki

Rainforest Reiki is the perfect place for anyone wanting to feel uplifted, connect with themselves, and learn tools to live in peace and harmony. Julie is a gifted healer and her reiki treatments will leave you feeling renewed, re-energized, and with a feeling of total well-being and joy.

I have completed the Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 courses with Julie and it has given me the tools to lead a more peaceful and balanced life. The meditations she teaches are easy to learn and implement into your daily life which helps to overcome any challenges you may face and assists in letting go of any negative emotions.

Connecting with Julie will empower anyone on their journey of self-love and healing and also give you the tools to offer others healing treatments.

Thank you Julie for all the wisdom you share and beautiful healings, love, and light. It is truly inspiring and transformational.

Thank you Angela. It's been so rewarding watching your Reiki journey unfold and your personal transformation into becoming an author.

by CJ Francis on Rainforest Reiki
A great experience

I had a wonderful experience learning Reiki 1 Shoden with Julie and learned so much about reiki. Would thoroughly recommend it! We had a beautiful vegetarian lunch and I got to experience giving and receiving treatments.

Thank you Carla.

by Helen on Rainforest Reiki
Reiki Shoden 1

At the end of June I attended the Reiki 1 Shoden course with Julie. I had done a Reiki level 1 many years ago from a western lineage but then not used it. Now that I have discovered this form that returns to the Japanese roots of the system and includes the traditional meditation practices it makes so much more sense to me. The whole weekend was enlightening and Julie's enthusiasm and passion for Reiki shines through. Since I don't live in Cairns I also stayed at Julie's house which was extremely comfortable and peaceful. Waking up to the rainforest garden and being able to take a walk through it was very relaxing. The night I arrived I was carrying a lot of stress so Julie did a Reiki treatment for me which was wonderful. It helped calm me down and prepare me for the rest of the weekend. When I eventually feel ready to progress to the Reiki 2 Okuden course I will be back to learn from Julie again.

Thanks Helen. I’m glad you enjoyed your stay & learning traditional Reiki. Reiki is so beneficial to balance the mind, body & energy & bring us back to peace & harmony.

by Joanne on Rainforest Reiki
Reiki Retreat day

A wonderful day of self care and learning. I love how the retreat day offers a taste of different healing modalities and meditation. The gentle yoga and myofascial release relaxed and stretched my stiff and tense body more than anything else I have tried to date -such relief! The meditation and self reiki sessions were a wonderful top up to previous workshop techniques Julie has taught. Add in the beautiful garden, delicious healthy food and interesting conversation with others on the healing journey and you have such a worthwhile experience. I'll definitely be back for more :-).

Thank you Joanne. Its great to hear how beneficial you found the Retreat Day & other workshops to be.

by Vicky Hoyer on Rainforest Reiki
Reiki and meditation reveiw from 14/05/19

Fantastic day learning different techniques of meditation yoga and wonderful wholesome food offered over lunch and tea breaks.
Julie very knowledgeable, thanks.

Thank you for coming to the Meditation Retreat Day Vicki. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much.

by Mary on Rainforest Reiki
Three Reiki Treatments

I am 67 years of age and went to see Julie to receive Reiki as I felt I needed something to help in my recovery from a recent operation. I looked online for a Reiki Master and found Rainforest Retreat. When I read Julie’s bio I was impressed by her years of training and experience. The retreat is at Julie’s home in a lovely rainforest setting. I found Julie Julie to be very welcoming and immediately felt at ease. I had a one hour treatment that was so relaxing I almost fell asleep. Felt very good afterwards so booked two more treatments. I would be happy to recommend Julie to anyone in need of help or recovering from illness.

by Jackie on Rainforest Reiki
Reiki Level 1

I attended the Level 1 Reiki Course held over 2 days at Rainforest Reiki and after completing the course wondered why I had waited so long to do it. Julie is a very knowledgeable and caring Practitioner who I would highly recommend. For me it opened my eyes to a new way of looking at, and living life and would benefit anyone who would like to live a more harmonious life. I am excited to continue my Reiki journey and look forward to doing Level 2. I am also looking forward to attending one of Julie's day retreats. The people I met on this course were very lovely and I hope to see them again in the future. The surroundings where Julie runs the Courses/Retreats are very beautiful and tranquil and there could be no better setting to start your Reiki journey.

Thank you Jackie. I’m so pleased that you gained so much from attending Reiki 1 & I look forward to seeing you again soon.

by Angela on Rainforest Reiki
Rainforest Reiki Wonderland

Rainforest Reiki is the perfect place to relax and learn Reiki or Meditation or receive Reiki with Julie.
It is surrounded by the beautiful lush trees and gardens and you instantly feel connected with a sense of peace and calm. Julie is very welcoming and makes you feel at home. I have done the Reiki I and Reiki 2 Courses, attended meditation classes and also received reiki treatments from Julie.
Julie is a very inspirational and knowledgeable teacher and a gifted spiritual healer. Her teachings are easy to follow and understand and also lots of fun.
Whether you are interested in practicing Reiki or not, I highly recommend any courses or Reiki treatments with Julie. You will learn to reconnect with yourself and others and to live in the present moment by letting go of any negativity as you practice various meditation techniques and the principles of Reiki.
It’s truly a magical journey of self love when you take one of Julies courses or receive a treatment
Thank you Julie for your teachings of healing and self love.

Thank you Angela. Its lovely to hear how reiki & meditation have changed your life in so many positive ways.

by Arenda on Rainforest Reiki
Reiki Refresher

  1. I spent an amazing day with Julie getting back to the Japanese roots of Reiki. It was uplifting to learn the traditional techniques such as mediation, chanting and some very simple but beautiful self healing methods. Julie taught through example how to use these techniques to develop a daily practice that will both enhance the energy that flows through you and turn working with Reiki into a process of spiritual development. It was wonderful to get to experience each technique, the highlight for me was chanting the symbols; it was so powerful and so much fun! I highly recommend doing this refresher day if you would like to deepen your understanding of Reiki and bring it into your daily life even if you are not actually doing Reiki healings every day.

Thank you for your kind words Arenda. It was great to meet you & introduce you to the meditations & techniques of the traditional reiki system.

by ashley on Rainforest Reiki
Beautiful experience

I completed the 2 day, Reiki 1 - Usui Reiki Ryoho - with Julie and I could not be more satisfied. Julie is very welcoming and her teachings are not only easy to understand but you feel that Julie enjoys sharing her learning with you. I am very excited to begin my reiki journey. I highly recommend Rainforest Reiki to anyone who is considering it. Thank you, Julie xx

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