Julie Heskins has been delivering personalised reiki treatments and teaching Usui Reiki Ryoho courses in Cairns since 2010. Read some of the testimonials from her beloved clients and students.

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Rainforest Reiki
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 26 reviews
 by Kelly
Amazing & authentic connection to self

I had the pleasure of staying with Julie for Reiki 2 training, and I am beyond grateful I found her as a teacher. Through my own journey with Reiki, I have really valued practitioners and teachers that really embody the Reiki practice and honor the traditional values.

Throughout my training, I felt really informed from Julie, while also feeling safe and empowered to discover my own insights through practice.

On top of being a great reiki teacher, Julie was an exceptional host and chef! During my stay with her (& Sen!), I felt right at home, relaxed in her beautiful space, and I got to enjoy delicious meals made by Julie that were raw vegan & incredible local fruits. I will hold this experience in the rainforest very dear to my heart for the rest of my life. Thank you Julie!

Thank you Kelly. It was lovely to have you come for Reiki 2 all the way from Boston and its great to hear you loved the food. Raw vegan with the delicious local produce here can be a real treat :).

 by Lara Ganly
Reiki 1, 2 &3

I have had the honour of completing Reiki 1, 2 & 3 with Julie at Rainforest Reiki. I highly recommend these courses for people of all ages, whether wanting to learn about self-healing, healing with others, or simply how to live a more harmonious and fulfilling life. When the external world can seem so crazy (as it has these past few years) Julie's teachings have shown me how to become grounded and peaceful and have encouraged me to remain true to my authentic self. I will forever be grateful to Julie and the Usui System of Reiki!

It is so important to be grounded and centred in these changing times. The practices of traditional reiki really help us be true to ourselves each day. Thanks for sharing your experience Lara.

 by Karen

I had a most excellent stay at Julie's Rainforest home while I learned Japanese Reiki plus a couple of extra days in Cairns. Julie is a most wonderful host - warm, friendly, thoughtful, and the house is very welcoming and beautiful. The course (Okuden) met all my expectations and more - with loads of information, spirituality, Japanese culture, and no Western fluff in sight! I would thoroughly recommend this location as a relaxing and healthy place to stay, and the education as a genuine traditional and spiritual method, to anyone interested in rainforest accommodation and/or Reiki training.

Thank you Karen. I'm glad you enjoyed Reiki 2 Okuden and your stay @Rainforest Reiki so much. It was a pleasure to meet you.

 by Tessa
Fulfilling experience

Completed 1&2 with Julie & found it an amazingly beautiful & uplifting experience, she is so calm & patient, explains things clearly & gives such confidence in her instruction & mastery of the technique it made it easy to flow on to me, even though there is a lot to take in & much ongoing learning & practice to do, I’ve been delighted to be able to practice & have received very favourable feedback straightaway from friends I’ve been practicing on - without Julie’s calm instruction I wouldn’t have had the confidence to let it flow - I can’t recommend the courses highly enough - it’s great!

Thanks Tessa. Great to hear the courses gave you the confidence to practice both on yourself and friends and family as well. Traditional Reiki is indeed such an uplifting and positive healing system.

 by Olivia
Level 1

I had such a wonderful experience doing Reiki 1 with Julie. Julie is very welcoming, accommodating and understanding. We were well fed with shared and home-cooked delicious food, and tea was flowing whenever needed. The 2 day course was very practical and hands on, so we got to experience the benefits in realtime. There was also lots of time for contemplation and discussion, which I realise is such a big part of the system of Reiki. I have been able to incorporate aspects the teachings into my daily life and am noticing such wonderful, uplifting changes. Thank you Julie and my fellow student Hilde!

Thank you Olivia. I'm glad you enjoyed the weekend.

 by Kara
Profound and transformative

Julie is a powerful practitioner with a beautiful inner light that uplifts all her meet her. I cannot recommend her enough for anyone looking for a treatment or to learn more about Reiki. I have sat for Reiki 1 twice, had several private treatments and most recently completed Reiki 2 with Julie at Rainforest Reiki. Each experience has been profound and transformative.

Speaking of my most recent experience - Reiki 2 – Okuden – once again, Julie led a truly beautiful weekend which left me feeling deeply renewed and connected. Julie shares her wisdom and knowledge freely in a caring yet professional manner. I left with new motivation to continue my reiki journey, and with many new skills and experiences to aid me.

Reiki has played (and continues to play) a key role in my personal healing journey, and I’m excited to begin sharing this with others, thanks to Julie.

Thank you Kara. It's such a gift for me to watch your personal journey unfold and that you are now sharing reiki professionally.

 by Suzanne Rumney
Instant shift

I was really struggling and Julie with her calm, compassion, wisdom and knowledge came at just the right time. Even after the first day, there was a shift in me that had a ripple effect on interactions with friends and even my dog! I was lying on my bed doing self-reiki and my little dog jumped up and shoved his nose under my hand (he has only done this once before) and then settled down for his own reiki session. I often struggle with routines but I know this is something I need and want and will incorporate into my daily life. On with the journey - who knows where it will lead!

Thanks for sharing Suzanne. When we practice reiki on ourselves, all those around us benefit, including our pets.

 by Lara Ganly

I have complete Reiki 1 & 2 with Julie at Rainforest Reiki and have the utmost respect for her teachings of Usui Reiki Ryoho. Rainforest Reiki offers a very relaxed, natural and pleasant learning atmosphere for Julie to share her wealth of experience and wisdom in using the Reiki system. I am so grateful to have completed this course. Not only has Julie given me the confidence to use Reiki for self-healing and a compassionate act to share with others, but she has also demonstrated how practising the system of Reiki leads to a more peaceful, happy and fulfilling life. This new way of life is something I am now committed to practising daily.

Thank you Lara. I'm glad you are finding practicing the system of reiki so rewarding.

 by Frances
Reiki and yoga retreat

I had a wonderful time with Julie on a retreat down at Mission Beach. Julie is a wonderful person and has such a calm way about her. I would highly recommend her retreat if you are interested in Reiki, mediation or just need some time to slow down. Fantastic course and wonderful location.

Thank you Fran. Such a pleasure to have you on retreat and I'm glad you are continuing to practice at home.

 by Tajah
A transformational experience

I completed Reiki 1 Shoden and Reiki 2 Okuden with Julie recently and what an amazing transformation within myself I have observed. The grounding experience that comes from the original Japanese teachings is like no other. Julie is an amazing practioner and teacher, who, undeniably, practices what she preaches.

I highly recommend Rainforest Reiki, for some; a deep relaxation and healing experience, for myself; an uncomfortable yet rewarding shedding, a transformational shift within myself and my life.

Thanks Julie for your wisdom and nurturing care.

Much love,
Taj xo

Thank you Taj. I'm glad you found the practices so rewarding.

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