Equipment for an Aspiring Raw Vegan Chef

When we start getting into tasty raw vegan food we we have to consider equipment.

When I was first experimenting with raw food recipes at home, I decided to use what I already had in the cupboard — a NutriBullet. For smoothies, sauces, and pesto, the NutriBullet is excellent. Plus you can use the second blade to grind flaxseed and spices.

Once I started making larger quantities I began using an Aldi Thermomix. This will cut up vegetables and make chunky and smooth sauces, bliss ball mixtures and lots more. It also makes cauliflower rice in seconds 😀!

You can also use a regular food processor. 

At Sayuri’s, where I did my raw vegan food training, they use a Vitamix blender and food processor.

Here I am at Sayuri’s in Bali, check out the equipment we are using.

You might also consider a spiralizer, which is great for making zucchini and carrot noodles. These are simply delicious in raw vegan Pad Thai and ‘spaghetti’ marinara.

Other equipment includes spatulas for scraping down your blender, teaspoons for tasting as you go, chopping boards, bowls and sharp knives, of course, for chopping your veggies.

Buying Secondhand

Now where to buy your raw vegan equipment? There is no need to spend a fortune.

I discovered many years ago that Australia has a great 2nd-hand market for lots of things. Unwanted gifts and items that have been replaced with more up-to-date gadgets (but are still perfectly fine) make their way onto Facebook marketplace and Gumtree all the time.

Nearly all the appliances I use, including the Aldi Thermomix, NutriBullet, spiralizer and glass bowls, have been sourced secondhand. 

A Win-Win

Buying secondhand is a win-win for everyone. It’s great for the consumer who gets a bargain, the seller who makes money and frees up space, and the environment benefits as well.

I often suggest that my reiki students look on these platforms to buy massage tables and yoga equipment. When I started the raw food journey I found an Aldi Thermomix for AUD$50. And more recently a set of glass bowls for $5 and a brand new Spiralizer (still in its box) for just AUD$10! 

If you’re keen to create ‘raw’ breads, crackers, and pizza bases you can use a dehydrator. I bought mine new but it’s not essential — you can also use a regular oven set below 48 degrees Celcius. Cooking at a low temperature ensures your food keeps its essential nutrients and enzymes.  

Eating light, energised food supports us to be more light, joyful and peaceful — and buying second-hand keeps the planet lighter too. ❤️

Want to taste and explore raw vegan foods? Julie hosts regular retreats as well as private classes at her rainforest reiki studio in Cairns. For more details, email or phone 0438 537365. Alternatively, check the Retreat Day page for upcoming group Reiki and Raw Food Retreat Days.

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