About Me


Growing up in the UK, I followed my passion and travelled the world arriving in Australia in 1995.  Cairns and its beautiful reef and rainforest made me want to return and I emigrated here in 1993 and never looked back!  
My interest in Reiki and The Journey (Brandon Bays) started in 2003. Diagnosed with a medical condition I looked for a solution that would work with modern medicine. Reiki and The Journey supported me to heal naturally and I qualified as a Journey Practitioner in 2004 and a Reiki Master in Usui Shiki Ryoho in 2007.   The path of self development has changed my life and now I love sharing this knowledge to support others on their healing journeys.

Reiki – An Ongoing Journey

Usui Reiki Ryoho
In 2009 I attended a Retreat with Frans & Bronwyn Steine of the International House of Reiki  and knew they were the right teachers to continue my studies.  In June 2010 I completed Shinpiden Level III/Teacher training and incorporate their work into my classes.
Frans and Bronwyn wanted to discover how reiki was taught originally and visited Japan to uncover the roots of the system.   Frans continues to study with Japanese teachers and shares his knowledge in his classes and retreats.   His teachings have been inspirational and have made a big difference in my own understanding and practice.
Reiki is about balancing the mind, body & energy and traditional Japanese Reiki embraces this and gives you clarity, focus and promotes healing.  This system of reiki is about self development and gives you tools to overcome challenges and live the life you want to lead.  This has been my experience.
My reiki journey started with a reiki treatment and continues as a teacher.  Essentially Reiki encompasses everything, our choices, our relationships, our health, wellbeing and how we treat the planet.  
Travelling through China in my 20’s I visited temples where monks were chanting.  The serenity and peaceful disposition of these men made a lasting impression.  Years later friends completed a 10 day meditation retreat and shared their experiences.  The benefits inspired me and I attended a retreat in Thailand to learn.  Returning to Australia I studied with different teachers and developing a meditation practice is, for me, essential in this busy world!  The techniques that I teach in classes are easy to follow and can be practiced at home.
Meditation makes a huge difference.  It makes us mindful, creates awareness and develops an appreciation of everything around us.  
In February 2017 I completed my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course with Denise Payne, One Song Yoga in Bali.  Denise is a dedicated teacher who teaches grounding, empowerment and self development practices which compliment what I teach in Reiki.  A daily yoga practice assists with strength and flexibility and I enjoy teaching gentle yoga both in private classes and on Retreat days.

Rainforest Reiki

Rainforest Reiki is a home located in Bayview Heights, Cairns surrounded by tall trees.  There is also a meditation area and places for contemplation.  It has evolved into the perfect place to facilitate reiki treatments, reiki courses, retreat days, meditation classes and yoga sessions.  Retreat accommodation is available if you would like to come and stay.
I look forward to welcoming you.

Julie Heskins Lineage

(Japanese Lineage)

  • Usui Mikao (Founder of the System)
  • Kanichi Taketomi
  • Koyama Kimiko
  • Doi Hiroshi
  • Frans Steine
  • Julie Heskins

(Western Lineage)

  • Usui Mikao (Founder of the System)
  • Hyashi Chijiro
  • Hawayo Takata
  • Rev. Beth Gray
  • John & Denise Crundell
  • Joan Kesby
  • Mabel Jones
  • Jack Bright
  • Julie Heskins


  • Usui Mikao
  • Hayashi Chijiro
  • Yamaguchi Chiyoko
  • Inamoto Hyakutan
  • Julie Heskins