What is Reiki ?

Reiki is a practice developed in the early 1900’s by Usui Mikao in Japan, It is known throughout the world as a hands on healing technique. It is in fact much more…
As we delve deeper we find the system of Reiki is a self development practice.   Learning different meditations and techniques you connect with the energy within.  Expanding this energy you gain a much deeper understanding of how you are connected to the world.  Stresses and  frustrations disappear, leaving you lighter and free to be true to  yourself and compassionate to others.  Reiki is essentially about becoming self empowered to live the life you want to lead.  Family, friends and others around you will, of course, also benefit from a new, calmer you!

Benefits of Reiki 

Whether you choose a treatment, learn Reiki or come to a meditation class, the benefits are numerous. Reiki supports the body to heal naturally and can be used alongside modern medicine. 
It assists us to balance the body and helps us find calm within.  It also strengthens immunity, can assist with pain relief, stress, sleep deprivation and detoxification.
Reiki creates personal awareness and clarity. In doing so you can let go of negative thought patterns and habits and bring in new positive ones. It stimulates creativity and help clear blocked emotions.
Reiki supports the needs of the client/student empowering them to take the next step  to a more fulfilling life.
Reiki can be used on yourself, friends and family, pets, farm animals and plants.