Private Yoga Sessions

To live a healthy life we need and keep the mind, body and energy balanced.  If you exercise, meditate and eat good food you can support yourself in doing this.
With my self reiki and meditation practice & healthy diet I started going to yoga classes in Cairns 6 years ago.  There are excellent teachers here & many types of yoga to try.
Understanding the benefits of a good self practice I wanted to feel confident doing my own practice at home which led me to taking a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course  with Denise Payne, One Song Yoga in Bali in 2017.  Learning Hatha, Power and Yin had its challenges and strengthened my body.
At Rainforest Reiki I teach yoga to the students abilities.  We can create a sequence that will support the individual student to create a home practice that you are comfortable with.  After an initial consultation we can look at what you would like to achieve.  For example, many people learn sun salutations in classes but get confused over when is the right time to breathe.