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Unity or oneness is something more and more people seem to be talking about these days.  These experiences can happen to people who have no spiritual interest but they then awaken to the realisation that there is so much more out there.

My first experience of oneness came whilst I was facilitating a reiki session with a close friend.  She had requested I do the session as her energies felt depleted.   She relaxed quickly and set her intention to receive whatever she needed in this moment.  At the head there was this pure feeling of absolute connection.  It was like touching the divine and tears were streaming down my face.  Everything in that moment was perfect.

It felt like it went on for minutes but in reality in may have only been a few moments.   What I do know is the minute the thought entered my head about wanting this to last forever – it disappeared!  Why does that happen in life?

I have come to an understanding that for me studying reiki, meditation and The Journey have been ideal tools for me to connect with that oneness.  The bright light of connection is truly inside, outside and everywhere.  As we put into practise different tools we learn to clear our own pathways of limiting beliefs, fears and other emotional and physical blocks and we uncover a world of truth inside.  

My initial experience was of a kinaesthetic nature which means you are sensitive to touch so it comes as no surprise that my connection happened during a reiki session.  With a visual friend of mine she also had a beautiful experience where she felt complete unity.  She describes it as follows:
I drove to Innisfail via Bingal Bay.  It was my first time on that road and coming toward a corner a cassowary was on the edge of the road, he looked so beautiful and as I slowed down I was absolutely beaming with delight.

After that I slowed right down in case of more cassowaries and around the next corner, all of a sudden, I looked over to my right and just went WOW.  It seemed the most beautiful place I had ever seen in my life.  Time just stopped and my stomach turned over. Thinking now it was a feeling just under my sternum and down to the base of my belly.  It did a complete somersault and jolted me further back into the seat of the car – and then I cried which was completely involuntary. Afterwards I felt really confused and didn’t know what to do. I tried returning to the same place later that day and couldn’t find it!

Melinda’s experience, although different to mine has a lot of similarities.  The minute we form an attachment or get our minds involved the connection disappears…

Its like for a brief moment we are given an absolute gift, that divine connection inside and outside of ourselves…

Julie Heskins
Reiki Master/Teacher
Rainforest Reiki, Cairns

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