Deepening Your Practice: taking the step to Reiki 2

Why is taking the next step to Reiki 2 (or even Reiki 3) so important? The simple answer is, our journey to self awareness and rediscovering our true self never ends.

It is the most important thing we will ever do. ❤️

Beginning the Reiki journey

In Reiki 1 Shoden you learned the foundational practices to start connecting deeply within.  

Over the initial weekend most students experience deep peace, connection and an inner knowing that there is so much potential within each of us.  We don’t have to reach for the stars.  We are already there!  We’ve just forgotten. By working with the principles of reiki we can start to shed those self limiting beliefs and judgements that prevent us from living our truth.

With new found awareness we understand that only we can make the changes that will make a difference. We can’t blame others for our situation and, if we’re in a negative relationship or job, it’s up to us to develop the strength and confidence to move on.

practicing reiki in cairns with julie heskins

Through practicing the  mindfulness techniques reiki offers, we start to be in the moment with life, not living in the past or dwelling in the future. Staying curious and alert we enjoy precious moments that present themselves. We start to catch ourselves when we experience worry or anger.  

Things that once triggered us can be recognised in the moment and we can stop being reactive. We are not our thoughts.. when we see this, freedom awaits. 

We become more compassionate to others.  All people are struggling in different ways.  The more we can be kind and listen to others attentively, the more we will attract likeminded, grounded and grateful people into our lives.  

Reiki 1 offers a gateway to rediscovering your true self.  By starting on the journey you plant the seeds of a happy life.  You start to see the challenges as opportunities.  It may not happen instantly but you’ll be able to look back and see ‘Wow! I handled that situation so much better than I did a year ago’. 😀

learning reiki in a group with julie heskins cairns

Taking the next step

Coming to Reiki 2 Okuden is a natural progression for most.  If your practice has dropped away after Reiki 1, then it offers an opportunity to reconnect.  

The techniques and meditations taught at this level enhance and expand the reiki toolbox.  Using the symbols and associated mantras we connect to the innate wisdom that resides within and flows through us.  We see that every action and decision we make is interrelated to the whole.  As clear intuition arises from a place of being, you trust your gut feelings and make decisions based in reality! 

When you attend Reiki 2, you receive 3 more attunements and gain further experience in hands on/off healing practising with a partner.  We create intimacy with ourselves and cultivate the limitless energy that lies within. Developing self love and empowerment are valuable tools in a fast paced society based in consumerism and dependency.

Whether you come to Reiki 2 for your own self-care or to start practicing professionally, the second level teaches valuable practices to gain clarity into living simply and meaningfully.

This doesn’t mean we have to become a reiki practitioner of course!  We can ‘be reiki’ at any moment on any day in any situation. Practicing kindness, compassion and humility in any environment is wonderful. You’re family and work mates will also be grateful 🥲.

learning reiki with julie heskins cairns

Making Reiki a profession

Reiki 3 Shinpiden offers the opportunity to learn the final symbol and mantra.  We grow, we take responsibility for our actions and realise that to navigate a dualistic world we need to embody the qualities of reiki within ourselves.  

You will receive the final attunement and learn to facilitate reiju and attunements on others.  You may want to become a teacher yourself and, with practice, that is possible. Teaching others reiki is a blessing and a privilege. ❤️🙏

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