Asking for Help and Where it can Lead ??

Often we are reluctant to ask for help. Having your own small business you tend to try and balance many things – websites, cleaning, gardening, reiki treatments, teaching, cooking, to name a few.

A few months ago I contacted my friend & reiki student, Mel Irvine.  Knowing SEO might help my business I wanted to know if Mel could help. Mel is based in Iloilo, Phillipines.

She has done a great job for me and working on the website felt inspired to reconnect to her meditation practice and start teaching others.  She put a notice on Facebook and 30 local people turned up for her first class.

She’s now teaching at a local gym there as well.

Mel originally went to the Phillipines to help out after cyclone Yolanda in 2013.  It changed her life and the lives of many local people she came into contact with.  Her story since, and projects she’s involved with are compelling and inspiring.  

Mel is totally committed to the local people there and selflessly gives whatever she can.  Melinda is one of the most honest and kindest people I know and I highly recommend her.  Rainforest Reiki is busy and I am very grateful to Mel for all her hard work.

If you need help with SEO, professional writing or social media please website

Practicing meditation with high school students on ecocamp.

4 thoughts on “Asking for Help and Where it can Lead ??

  1. Julie, thanks for that lovely post I appreciate it. But most of all, I am thrilled to see you blogging. Please keep writing and sharing your insights with all of us reiki students — and it’s great for your website’s SEO too.

    All my love and blessings.


  2. I recently attended a retreat with Julie at 5 acres in Forest Beach. It was relaxed, energising and inspiring. We had some tasty cooking done for us by the lovely Julia, who is also a massage therapist. All diets were catered for. After a walk along the beach just through the scrub, we enjoyed a long breakfast followed by yoga, meditation and chanting. A wonderful uplifting feeling to experience on the back patio. This was on both mornings followed by a delicious lunch, free time, more meditation and a relaxing dinner. Quiet time is from 9pm.
    I would recommend this retreat and others I have been to run by Julie. These retreats will offer you time out, beneficial activities, wonderful environments and are greatly appreciated by all. Thoroughly recommended! Thanks Julie and Juliaxx

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